How Easy it is to Ridicule Me (Spoken Word Piece)


A Spoken Word Piece by Yours Truly Kimathi Kaumbutho.


Being a Kenyan living in the United States has been a wondrous and magnificent challenge. One aspect that continues to perplex me is learning to understand prejudice in all of its forms; particularly prejudicial stereotypes.

Every race is subject to stereotypes both positive and negative; Mexicans are ‘supposed’ to be hard workers, Asians are ‘supposed’ to be good at math… sound familiar?

Naturally, the stereotypes and prejudice attached to some races outweigh those of others—I found this especially true for Africans in the United States. We have been ridiculed and belittled by many of the baseless and demeaning beliefs that people have about Africa and its people.

‘How Easy It Is To Ridicule Me’ is my way of enlightening people to some of the subliminal prejudice that Africans experience in America, whilst advocating for all Africans living in foreign countries. The piece should enable its listeners to empathize with me, calling them to revise the ways in which they treat Africans, as well as other minorities, worldwide.

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